Versace Designs London’s First Fashion-Branded Residences on Elm Street


Life is a comfortable, luxurious, pampering spa session these days. Opulence has reached such heights that it is hard to differentiate between propriety and hospitality. Prime reason is that everything is getting intermingled now. DICO UK Property Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of premium Dubai-based luxury real estate honchos DAMAC, have shook hands with Italy’s fashion sweetheart Versace Homes to offer the best money can buy in the heart of the world, in London. Known as AYKON Nine Elms, the property overlooks the River Thames one side, Westminster Palace and the London Eye on the other. It will have a mix of premium penthouses, 3-2-1 bedroom flats and Manhattan Studio units. It is expected to be complete by 2020. It will have 50 stories and 360 units with lobby, amenities and interiors designed by Versace. The property will have a gym, indoor swimming pool and spa, children’s play area, roof garden and cinema.




This is like a holiday home away from a holiday home. This isn’t the first time that DAMAC has tied in a fashion house or a celebrity partner. Fendi, Donald Trump, Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Tiger Woods Design are all close business friends. All this uber luxury is soon going to be passé. Since NATO has made progress reaching pluto, it will not be too late before people can start owning pieces of the solar system too. Tee hee.





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