Consultancy services


step 1

Step 1 “IDENTIFICATION” process 
Work through the profile of the potential customer, your vision and match this with a SuperBrand which fulfills the aspiration of both the potential buyer and you as developer.

step 2

Step 2 “MATCHING” process 
Once the Brand(s) are identified, BRE will engage in discussions with the shortlisted SuperBrands, and/or other potential partner brands to find the right match between your plans, speed of execution and the brands own ambitions and desires. This includes understanding time frames on deliverable, commercial terms, etc. Certain upfront discussions with Brands during the IDENTIFCATION process are common.

step 3

Step 3 “NEGOTIATION” process 
Negotiate the commercial structure (licensee fee, design fees, exclusivity fees, minimum purchase, etc) and agree on deliverables by the Developer and deliverables by the shortlisted SuperBrands.

Communicate and Liaise between you and the Brand owner till contract is concluded.

Provide legal and commercial guidance for contract till signing.


1. Marketing Strategy

Define and help shape your marketing strategy and market positioning with the new Super Brand

2. Coordination of Work

Coordination on design & features with your project team & consultants and the BRAND owner​

3. Design Coordination

Design coordination between all parties throughout the construction phase​

4. Project Meeting

Regular Project meetings with you and other consultants


Sport Venue Consultancy

Sport Venue Commercialization

Theme Park Consultancy

Theme Park Commercialization

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Our Unique Services

Brand consulting

Our blended approach of strategic thinking, research and asking you tough questions will identify a Brand which matches your projects strategy.


From small boutique residential projects to multi-stage master planned community developments, the BRE Project Marketing team has the knowledge and resources to meet your objectives.


We seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result.


We help Developers tailor their products to meet the needs of buyers and also understand the buyers changing tastes and preferences, assuring we recommend only creative marketing strategies that appeal to them.


TSA BRE team are true professionals and understood our needs and helped bridge the cultural gap with Armani. Without them we would not have been able to conclude the deal.

Zhang Hui
President of SMARTHERO
It's been enriching to work with the TSA team in India. We have created real estate history in India with the Michael Schumacher World Tower and Ace by Maria Sharapova Real Estate rendition. HOMESTEAD is a global real estate company and I indeed hope to carry TSA along with me whareever possible.
Manoj Shrivastava
Chief Operating Officer, HOMESTEAD